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When people like you participate in clinical studies, we can uncover better ways to treat conditions that affect you and your loved ones.

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Meridian Clinical Research studies the safety and efficacy of new medicines. Browse current studies by location and sign up to get started with Meridian.

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Meridian provides Phase I-IV research services for Sponsors and CROs developing drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics across numerous therapeutic areas.

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Clinical studies help scientists develop life-changing medicines, but it starts with you — participation makes it all possible.

Many find the process of participating in a Meridian clinical study to be a rewarding experience, and there are benefits beyond participating.

  • Free medical exams
  • Early access to medicines in development
  • Compensation for those who qualify
  • No insurance required

For almost 20 years, thousands of patients have trusted Meridian because of our focus on creating a positive patient experience.