Patient Story: Judy, a Research Study Participant at Meridian

Clinical Trial Participant Story - Judy P.

What led you to participate in a research study? I heard about it on Facebook. The money intrigued me, but then the chance to help move us forward toward the end of the pandemic hooked me. Is this your first experience with clinical research? What was the process like? I’ve participated in a couple other research studies before. I personally have always thought of clinical trials as a pretty cool thing. I like the idea of being part of a solution. The process was smooth. Phone interview, appointment … Read more

Patient Story: Mike, a Research Study Participant at Meridian

Mike E, Meridian patient

What led you to participate in a research study? I was scrolling through my news feed one day and saw a sponsored advertisement for Meridian looking for participants interested in a COVID-19 vaccine trial. Being a healthcare worker who spends my day in a hospital, and with the amount of COVID patients we were caring for at the beginning of the pandemic, it immediately sparked my interest. I have two small kids at home, and spend a lot of my day working with physicians and helping care for … Read more

Patient Story: Tanya, Parent of a Study Participant at Meridian

What led you to participate in a research study? Both of our older kids got vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as they were eligible, and so it left us with everybody in the family being vaccinated, except our youngest. And that was hard for everybody. We felt like we had to be extra careful to make sure that we didn’t bring home a breakthrough case. When school started again in August with masks being optional, we decided, we’re going to do this, and just hope and pray that … Read more