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Dyskinetic Cerebral Palsy Study

Now Open in Savannah, GA

Dyskinetic cerebral palsy (DCP), also known as athetoid cerebral palsy or ADCP, is generally characterized by involuntary movements. DCP can make it difficult for people with the condition to maintain posture, speak, and perform physical tasks.

Currently, there is no approved treatment reduce the severity of dyskinetic involuntary movements associated with cerebral palsy. Meridian is conducting a clinical research study for an investigational medication for people with DCP.

Eligible participants…

  • Must be age 6 to 18
  • Must be diagnosed with Dyskinetic cerebral palsy
  • Must weigh at least 26 pounds
  • Must have had cerebral palsy symptoms since infancy (age 2 or younger)
  • May receive compensation for time and travel
  • Do not need insurance to join this study
  • Must meet all inclusion criteria

For more information, complete the form on this page. After you submit your information, a Meridian enrollment specialist will call you to talk about the study.

You can also talk to a Meridian enrollment specialist about this study by calling (912) 790-4837.

Study Location

Meridian Clinical Research
6602 Waters Avenue, Building C
Savannah, GA 31406

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