COVID-19 Vaccine Research Studies

Seeking participants nationwide

Meridian is now seeking participants — including healthy adults — for paid COVID-19 vaccine research studies in the following locations: Georgia (Savannah), Nebraska (Norfolk and Omaha), and South Dakota (Dakota Dunes).

These studies will help determine the safety and efficacy of investigational vaccines intended to protect against SARS-CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes COVID-19). Eligible participants:

  • Will get paid for participating (amounts differ for each study)
  • May receive care and exams from a local doctor at no cost
  • May receive an investigational vaccine or placebo
  • Do not need health insurance to join

After you submit your information a Meridian enrollment specialist will contact you. Together, we'll review studies that might be right for you and answer your questions.

Health insurance is NOT required to join. There is never an obligation to participate — we're here to help you make the best decision.

For more information about these studies, you can talk to a Meridian enrollment specialist by calling one of our call centers: (402) 934-7563 (NE, SD) • (912) 623-2240 (GA).

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About Meridian

For more than 20 years, Meridian has conducted clinical trials (also called “clinical studies” or “research studies”) to help scientists understand the safety and efficacy of new treatments. All Meridian studies are overseen by licensed healthcare professionals.

Meridian has enrolled more than 42,000 patients into clinical trials since 1999, and is a leading investigative site network for vaccine trials. In 2015, the company supported studies for the Ebola vaccine when the outbreak occurred, and conducted research for Zika virus and anthrax vaccines in the past year.

Meridian will remain fully-staffed and operational through the COVID-19 pandemic, and is working to meet or exceed all federal and state safety guidelines at its sites nationwide.