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Meridian is now accepting volunteers — including healthy adults — for paid clinical trials nationwide.

Research studies offer a way for almost anyone, regardless of age or background, to help improve human health and wellbeing.

Beyond helping advance medicine, you may also:

  • Get care from a local doctor at no cost
  • Learn about new medicines in development
  • Receive study-related medical exams at no cost
  • Get paid for participating (amounts differ for each study)

Let's find a study that's right for you

Simply complete the form on this page. After you submit your information a Meridian enrollment specialist will contact you. Together, we'll review studies that might be right for you and answer your questions.

There is never an obligation to join — we're here to help you make the best decision.

Friends and family referral program

Even if you can't join a clinical trial, you may be able to refer a friend, family member, neighbor, or colleague who can. You can get paid up to $25 for each successful referral made to Meridian. Meridian enrollment specialists can provide details when you sign up or call.

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About Meridian Clinical Research

80,000+ patients have joined a study at Meridian

Many people enjoy the study experience and have joined several clinical trials at Meridian.

Meridian has conducted research for 20+ years

Founded in 1999, Meridian supports the research of medicines, vaccines, medical devices, diagnostics, and more.

Meridian studies are led by licensed healthcare professionals

All clinical trial conduct at Meridian is overseen by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Learning Center

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how to find clinical trials near you

How to Find a Clinical Trial Near You

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Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria in Clinical Trials

What are Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria in Clinical Trials?

Without clinical trials, it would be impossible to develop new medicines, cures, vaccines, and other medical products. These research studies test investigational products with human participants to ensure products are … Read more

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