Innovative Strategy to Increase Opportunity for the Traditional Research Site


The Pulse on Site Success by Jeffrey Adelglass

The individuals responsible for management, growth and development of clinical research sites are entrepreneurs. There is definitely evidence of expanded strategic development of innovative and entrepreneurial methods to garner new revenue, patient recruitment opportunities and visibility for the traditional, free standing clinical research site.

Some recent examples include the addition of a medical spa facility at the Meridian Research site in Omaha, Nebraska. Nikki Osborne, CEO of Meridian, initiated a business expansion in 2012 to allow for a potential crossover of patients taking part in spa services and interesting them in the many dermatology studies conducted by Meridian. This has proven to be a smart business move that allows Meridian to garner patients from the spa database to enroll in related trials.

“The addition of the spa has enabled us to seek out trials that would have a positive or beneficial impact on our patients,” Osborne said, adding that she wanted to diversify their therapeutic expertise into dermatology and “offer new, cutting-edge medications and cosmetic procedures to patients by getting involved in clinical research trials.”

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