Pneumococcal Vaccine Study

Now open in Binghamton, NY; Grand Island, Norfolk, Omaha, NE; and Sioux City, IA

Pneumococcal disease is caused by a type of bacterium called Streptococcus pneumoniae, which is a leading cause of bacteremia (bloodstream infection), bacterial meningitis (infection in the lining around the brain), pneumonia (lung infection), and middle ear infections in infants and young children. Pneumococcal remains a significant cause of disease worldwide.

Meridian is conducting a study for an investigational vaccine that may provide protection against pneumococcal disease.

Eligible participants…

  • Must be age 15 months to 17 years
  • May receive compensation for time and travel
  • Do not need insurance to join this study

For more information, complete the form on this page. After you submit your information, a Meridian enrollment specialist will call you to talk about the study. There is no obligation to join — you can decide if the study is right for your child.

You can also talk to a Meridian enrollment specialist about this study by calling (402) 934-7563 (NE),(712) 639-6200 (IA), or (912) 623-2240 (NY).

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