Meridian Clinical Research is a Finalist for Two Vaccine Industry Excellence (ViE) Awards, Expects Elevated Demand for Vaccine Trials in 2020

Meridian Clinical Research, a leading investigative research network, is a finalist to win the 2020 Vaccine Industry Excellence (ViE) award for Best Clinical Trial Site. Meridian is also the largest member of Platinum Research Network, which is a finalist for the Best Clinical Trial Network award. These nominations were the result of two voting rounds, and winners will be announced at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington, D.C. in early April.

The nomination comes as Meridian has experienced its largest ever year for vaccine and infectious disease study enrollment. “We’re the partner of choice for many high-volume and specialized vaccine trials,” said Nicole Osborn, CEO. “2020 will be a crucial year for novel vaccine development. We’ve expanded our network, reinforced our in-house quality programs, and scaled up our processes to prepare for significant demand.”

As of mid-February, the CDC reported that influenza activity is still widespread in 47 states. The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is also drawing greater attention in the U.S.

Meridian conducted clinical trials for Zika virus and anthrax vaccines in the past year. In 2015, Meridian also ran a Phase I study for the Ebola vaccine when the outbreak affected the Democratic Republic of Congo. Osborn said the spread of Zika and Ebola spurred many to ask Meridian about clinical trials.

“Our current patients and people naive to research are asking about coronavirus and the vaccine development process,” said Osborn. “Whenever there’s an outbreak, it gives healthcare providers an opportunity to educate people about the importance of clinical research. We encourage people to call us or talk to their doctors to learn more about the process.”

People interested in current studies and the research process can contact a Meridian call center — (402) 934-7563 in the Midwest and (912) 623-2240 for the South and East Coast.

To learn more about Meridian’s vaccine experience, visit mcrmed.com/vaccine. To view current study and career opportunities at its locations across the U.S., visit mcrmed.com.

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