Meridian Partners with Kansas City Allergy & Asthma to Open Clinical Research Site

Meridian Clinical Research, a leading multi-specialty investigative research site network, has partnered with Kansas City Allergy & Asthma (KCAA), a premier provider of allergy and asthma care that has served the region for more than 40 years. The research site will be located within KCAA’s Overland Park clinic at 8675 College Blvd, Suite 200, Overland Park, KS 66210.

The following physicians will serve as principal investigators to oversee clinical trials for investigational products intended to help treat allergies, asthma, and related conditions.

Nicole Osborn, Founder and CEO of Meridian, said the company looks forward to expanding to the Kansas City area. “Our partnership with KCAA strengthens our capabilities in allergy and immunology research, which continues to be a therapeutic area with significant unmet needs,” said Osborn.

“Experienced investigators are critical for these trials — their ability to diagnose and continuously assess these sensitive conditions is essential for gathering accurate data. We partnered with KCAA because of their outstanding physicians.”

Derrick R. Ward, MD, physician at KCAA, said that partnering with Meridian will enable KCAA to bring more clinical trials to the metro area. “KCAA has conducted clinical trials for decades,” said Dr. Ward. “These clinical trials are the only way new treatments can be researched, developed, and brought to market. Through this research, KCAA is supporting the advancement of medicine while also bringing more options to our patients who are suffering from conditions that current lack effective therapies.”

Meridian now has 31 sites nationwide. Since opening in Omaha in 1999, Meridian has enrolled more than 80,000 patients in 3,400 clinical trials. In 2020, the company began conducting COVID-19 vaccine clinical trials for the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines that have received Emergency Use Authorization and/or approval.

If you’re interested in joining a clinical trial at Meridian, or want to sign up to learn about upcoming studies, visit mcrmed.com/find-study. For more information about careers at Meridian and current openings in Kansas City, visit mcrmed.com/careers.



Meridian Clinical Research partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to research new drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics that could improve human health and wellbeing. Founded in 1999, Meridian is a multi-specialty site network headquartered at its dedicated research center in Omaha, NE, and conducts Phase 1-4 studies at investigative sites nationwide. Meridian supports research across numerous therapeutic areas and excels in high-volume vaccine trials. For more information, visit mcrmed.com.