Meridian to Celebrate Annual ‘Good Deeds Day’ by Giving Back to Several Communities

Omaha, Neb., December 3, 2018 — Throughout the week of December 3-7, each Meridian Clinical Research location will celebrate a Good Deeds Day. This year’s activities will be held across all of Meridian’s 15 U.S. research sites, four remote offices, two call centers, and corporate office.

For Good Deeds Day, employees at each Meridian site are given a cash stipend and a simple instruction: Go into your community and make a difference. Meridian employees decide on the best way to donate to the community, support local charities, or perform small acts of kindness. This tradition of spontaneous giving began more than a decade ago.

“We believe that when you experience success, you should pay it forward,” said Nicole Osborn, founder and CEO of Meridian. “Our team embraces that philosophy and I’m always amazed by how creative our people are with their giving.”

In years past, Meridian employees have bought holiday gifts, groceries, gas, and meals for people in their communities. Employees have also donated to local charities, bought items for families in need, and provided financial support for people and groups that are working selflessly to enrich their communities.

“Good Deeds Day dovetails with our mission as a clinical research company, which is to improve lives,” said Laura Falcone, APRN, COO of Meridian. “It also helps our team develop stronger bonds with the people and communities we serve the other 364 days of the year.”

Communities in which Meridian performs Good Deeds Day include Omaha Neb., Savannah, Ga., Rockville, Md., Dakota Dunes, S.D., Norfolk, Neb., Baton Rouge, La., and Norfolk, Va., among others.

To see what Meridian’s team does for Good Deeds Day this year, follow Meridian on Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Meridian Clinical Research

Meridian Clinical Research partners with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to research new pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices, and diagnostics that could improve human health and wellbeing. Founded in 1999, Meridian is headquartered at a dedicated research center in Omaha, NE, and conducts Phase 1-4 studies at 18 investigative sites across North America. Meridian supports research across numerous therapeutic areas and specializes in high-volume vaccine trials. For more information, visit www.mcrmed.com.