Make a referral

Earn $50 for each person you successfully refer to a Meridian study

Even if you're unable to join a clinical trial, you may be able to refer a friend, family member, neighbor, or colleague who can. For most studies, you can get paid $50 (via a prepaid card) for each successful referral made to Meridian.*

To qualify, the person you refer must:

  • Name you as their referral at the initial screening appointment.
  • Successfully participate in a Meridian study within 12 months of your referral.
  • Be new to Meridian — eligible referrals cannot have participated in a Meridian study within the past two years.

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Refer a friend, family member, or colleague

*Generally, $50 to $100 will be paid per successful referral. Not all studies are part of the Meridian Friends and Family Referral Program. Our enrollment specialists can provide details if you call.

You may not advertise or promote the Meridian Friends and Family Referral Program. The program is only applicable to your existing friends, family, and other acquaintances. Meridian may modify, suspend, or end the Friends and Family Referral Program for any study at any time.

Successful referrals will be new to Meridian studies and the Meridian database. You will receive the referral bonus for a qualifying study if your referral is qualified and participates in the study. Participating in a clinical study is an important decision, and it will be up to your referral to decide whether or not they participate.

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