Patient Story: Judy, a Research Study Participant at Meridian

What led you to participate in a research study?

I heard about it on Facebook. The money intrigued me, but then the chance to help move us forward toward the end of the pandemic hooked me.

Is this your first experience with clinical research? What was the process like?

I’ve participated in a couple other research studies before. I personally have always thought of clinical trials as a pretty cool thing. I like the idea of being part of a solution. The process was smooth. Phone interview, appointment for health history, exam, lab work if you’re qualified, vaccine or placebo administration, monitor for 30 minutes, done. The first appointment can take 90 minutes. There is very kind staff taking care of you all the way through in a comfortable doctor’s office-like environment.

What was your experience with Meridian like?

I am in healthcare so I have known patients and peers who have done studies with Meridian before. The initial phone call with Meridian was very easy. It involved several questions and took maybe 15 minutes. The clinic [and staff members] were clean, socially distanced, masked, and professional. The staff at Meridian made me feel comfortable and cared for. They used my name often, I wasn’t just a number to them.

What did participating in a research study mean for you?

Participating in a research study made me feel proud, like I am doing something to help advance research.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering participating in a clinical trial?

I would recommend it as long as you meet the criteria. It is very interesting and rewarding.