Savannah Plastic Surgery Partners With Meridian Clinical Research, Creates New Clinical Trial Opportunities in Savannah

Meridian Clinical Research and Savannah Plastic Surgery are partnering to conduct clinical trials in Savannah, Ga. Dr. Luke Curtsinger and Dr. Matthew McLeod at Savannah Plastic Surgery will serve as principal investigators and lead the conduct of research studies for novel surgical approaches, pharmaceutical products, and medical devices.

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“Clinical research makes progress possible,” said Dr. Curtsinger. “Conducting trials will enable us to offer expanded care options to our patients today, and will drive the development of next generation treatment approaches.”

This will be Meridian’s sixth site located in Savannah, and its first plastic and cosmetic research site in North America.

“This partnership strengthens our therapeutic reach,” said Nicole Osborn, CEO of Meridian. “We methodically vet sites based on quality of care, physician expertise, and community renown. Savannah Plastic Surgery excels in every category and we’re excited to bring new research opportunities to Savannah and the surrounding region.”

Meridian and Savannah Plastic Surgery will support research for reconstructive surgery, cosmetic enhancement, skin care, and more. “Plastics and cosmetics encompass a wide therapeutic spectrum,” said Dr. McLeod. “We can enhance and augment features, or rebuild them after accidents and disease. We use advanced technologies to support both surgical and non-invasive treatments. Beyond aesthetic enhancement, we perform procedures to treat migraines and severe dermatological conditions.”

Meridian is currently fielding clinical trial opportunities for the new site. To learn more about Meridian’s capabilities and talk about reinforcing your research program with Meridian’s investigative site network, connect with Andrew Kimball, vice president, business development at Meridian.

To learn more about Meridian’s current clinical trial opportunities in Savannah and across North America, visit mcrmed.com.

View the official press release at: http://www.prweb.com/releases/savannah_plastic_surgery_partners_with_meridian_clinical_research_creates_new_clinical_trial_opportunities_in_savannah/prweb16265141.htm

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